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Specialized Cleaning Services


Our vacuum service will pump out and properly dispose of
sludge, waste water, non-hazardous & hazardous liquids
and solids from your facility. Our fleet has the strength
and capability to remove debris through powerful suction
pipes in hard to reach places. Our team is equipped with
breathing apparatus for confined space entry.

Cross Transfer of Chemical and Hydrocarbon Product

MIB 24 hour emergency response provides pumping
solutions for various process industries. Our specialized
pumps are high quality and can handle hazardous acids,
alkalis, explosive liquids and toxic chemicals.

Separator Cleaning

MIB offers industrial cleaning to above ground and below
ground separators to restore them to their proper condition. Our service includes cleaning the inlet chamber, sludge/sediment chamber, separation chamber, oil reservoir and clean water chamber.

Drain Jetting & Lancing

MIB provides a comprehensive range of drain unblocking
services. Our drain jetting equipment, expertise
and manpower can deal with your issue. Through a
combination of high pressure jetting and extraction we
scour any pipes, lines and drains to keep your business
running smoothly.

Flushing Storm Water Lines

Storm drain lines need to be cleaned regularly. MIB can
efficiently flush the lines and remove debris from storm
systems and ensure proper operation. Our combination
units are able to vacuum and flush at the same time suited
for any storm system.

Specialized Cleaning
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