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24 Hour HAZMAT Spill Response

24 Hour HAZMAT Emergency Spill Response

We provide rapid response to hazardous waste spills and discharges to protect people, property and the environment. MIB have experienced technicians and specialized equipment to clean up quickly, safely and limit potential liability. Getting to the scene of a spill in the shortest time possible is critical to effective containment. 

Specialized Industrial Cleaning

Our specialized industrial cleaning services include:

■ Confined space entry cleanup

■ Industrial surface cleaning

■ Dam cleaning 

■ Pipeline cleaning and draining

■Shut down cleaning services

■ Fuel and chemical pumping

Emergency Spill Response

Our emergency spill response services include:

■ Road                                                   

■ Rail

■ Industrial                                           

■ Fire restoration

■ Remediation of contaminated land & water      

■ Historical spills 


Asbestos Removal

MIB is a registered company with the Department of Labour. We remove:

■ Insulation                                       

■ Lagging

■ Ceilings                                           

■ Seals & gaskets

■ Contaminated soil & water         

■ Facia boards 

■ Building demolition                       

■ Pipes & asbestos cement

Waste Management
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